What We Believe

What We Believe

We are Frio Farm, from the small town of Concan, Texas,
located along the beautiful Frio River in the
Texas Hill Country.

Food is life.  It’s also the cultural currency of our time.  As technology turns our world faster and less personal, food gives people comfort, something tangible.
How we eat has become our cultural identity.  Fast food that was once a novelty, then a necessity, has now become a symbol of class division.  Homemade food that was once made by poor country folks is now the new must-have food luxury item.


More than ever people are turing to buying their food directly from farmers in order to secure safe, organic, Non-GMO food.  Retail stores recognize this growing trend and are seeking out local, wholesome food suppliers like Frio Farm.

Frio Farm began by selling to the public at Farmer’s Markets in 2012 and demand for our products has grown exponentially.  The USDA puts the number of Farmers Markets at over 8,100, up 350% in just 20 years.


I am your farmer.  Women are the fastest growing segment of new farmers and it makes sense since women have historically cooked and grown the family garden.  This is a natural progression into full-time farming.

Women farmers are also more likely to grow organic since the food they produce feeds their own families, especially here in Texas.  Food recipes are a family tradition that’s been passed down since pioneer days, the original farm-to-table cooking, but it’s being lost over time.

Most people of a certain age grew up with homemade, scratch food that parents or grandparents made on the farm.  Today, that generational farming link has been broken, replaced instead with consumers getting to know the farm and the farmer where their food comes from.


A foundational shift is occurring in our approach to food and grown food especially.  As a farmer and a entrepreneur, I bridge the gap between farmer and consumer, not just growing your food, but taking a crop and turning it into a finished, ready to eat product.

We are the leader in the Farm-to-Fork food revolution.  Frio Farm doesn’t just grow food.  We create Artisan, handcrafted food consumers want and need.  And I love bringing it to customers in every form.


    We grow only organic, Non-GMO predominately heirloom crops.  We milk our goats by hand each and every morning & evening.  Our hens and dairy goat eat Non-GMO feed, while our honey bees pollinate our plants and our animals provide us compost to ensure a healthy farm ecosystem.

Our entire family helps on the farm.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all help plant, harvest, prepare and sell our handcrafted food.  This ensures the elders hard earned wisdom is passed down to our family’s next generation.

    We need to be farming the way our grandparents did because the old ways are the best ways.  Passing down our older generations knowledge of how to grow food is becoming a lost art and it’s a story that needs to be told.


Raising animals, growing crops and creating handcrafted, artisan food is a lot of hard work, but we feel it’s worth it.  Our approach is simple: build a strong foundation on simple products using time honored methods.

    Frio Farms’ focus is to provide healthier, wholesome alternatives to chemically enhanced, synthetic made, imitation food.  

Texans and the world need Frio Farm.  We’re perfectionist in the execution and delivery of handcrafted, artisan food.  We’ve created high expectations and set the bar for others to follow.  After just one taste we know you’ll agree.


    Country life defines our family.  Our customers support our farm financially, helping ensure our farming legacy is passed down to the next generation.
    We aren’t rich, but we’re rich in ways that most people aren’t.  We eat free range eggs, homestead honey, fresh raw milk and food made from scratch.  More importantly, we have purpose each day we wake up.


    My hope is that one day all Texans will buy their food from a place like Frio Farm.  We believe all Texans are worth it.  Our customers tell us we are the best in Texas.  We hope you agree.

Nanette Watson,
Founding Farmer

Nanette Watson is an Artisan Farmer based along the Frio River in Concan, TX. Frio Farm creates food made the old fashioned way — with patience, care and authenticity by Texans for Texans. Come share the secret to our success.
"Frio Farm is good for the soul."

Contact Information

512 CR 348 Concan, TX 78838 (830) 965-7646

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