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About Frio Farm - Farm Fresh. Hand Crafted. Artisan.

boysWe are a small, family farm nestled along the Frio River in the Texas Hill Country. We specialize in hand-crafted baked goods and Farm-to-table food made from scratch. We use local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Frio Farm has pastured eggs, fresh churned butter, buttermilk and handmade whip cream that combined with our very special artisan extracts, creates superior taste. As small scale farmers, we create exceptionally wholesome, superior quality food that is unmatched.

We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best.

Life On The Farm

boysOur dream came to life on a homestead called Frio Farm. Our approach is simple: create hand crafted foods on the farm. Every passing season is a page turned in the book of our country life. Just as in nature, we strive to work in harmony with the land to produce specialty, handcrafted food for family dining traditions. Being immersed in the world of Texas food on a daily basis helps give me culinary creativity. This springs from roots sunk deep in the Hill Country soil.

Today, we are the new generation of Texans taking a hands-on approach to producing exceptional quality food that bears a hint of rusticity. From churning butter to cooking with cast iron skillets or keeping buttermilk in glass jars one thing is the same: old fashioned kitchen traditions make me a better cook. The missing ingredient in most lives today is time. Time to enjoy life. Our community needs to support small scale, sustainable farmers who believe in family farming.

"A farm-to-table movement" is taking hold in the Lone Star State and we are asking that you be a part of it. Don’t settle for food that is processed with preservatives, chemicals and pesticides. We want to draw savvy customers to our way of thinking like bees to a honeysuckle bush.

Vote With Your Fork!

burlapSupport all artisanal makers of everything from small batch whiskey to chocolate. The modern day food movement toward handcrafted quality is a symbolic quest for our lost golden age of all food made without industrialization.

Deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country we take homegrown pride in making your family delicious food. We take joy in cooking with the bounty of nature our state is abundantly blessed with. We forage for local ingredients such as prickly pears, Asian pears and Texas pecans along the river’s edge. The inspiration here is endless. A slow and simple life is beautiful, like making a hot, sweet cup of cocoa on a cold, chilly morning after feeding the chickens. Or like making fresh buttermilk for old-fashion Chess pies later that day. All good things take time.

photo 3Perhaps the simplicity of serving Frio Farm farm-crafted food on your kitchen table is your definition of baking from scratch. Admittedly we made it, but even the least desirable bite is still vastly superior to anything store bought and every bite lets you know this is special. Food evokes strong responses in people and our taste and smell is profound. Take our small batch jams. Using the ripest fruit and finest liquor gives a taste snapshot that is rich with history, while leaving you with a little taste of nostalgia.

Frio Farm artisan Vanilla Extract is aged for three months before bottling so your food enjoys the benefit of our aging to take your culinary creations to the next level. Imagine using Chocolate Extract made with real chocolate, Coconut Extract made from coconut and Cinnamon Extract that smells like heaven!

Next For Frio Farm

truck-herbsFarming milestones are judged by our accomplishments. This year we lost our bees and have to start are hives over next year, while our organic herb garden was a huge success.  The raised garden beds are producing a winter bumper crop and our free range chickens and milk goat only eat non-GMO feed. Next on our list? Maybe some sheep and a few grass fed cows.

People are craving to get back to nature. Our focus is to create healthy, wholesome foods produced without compromise. We use heritage recipes that savor the season’s bounty, while honoring the traditions of the past to create memories for future generations. We garden organically for safe, healthy plants and people. Your taste buds will appreciate the difference. Our community’s needs more sustainable, self-sufficient farmers to increase our food security. This also preserves our rural way of life and helps strengthen our small family farms’ financial success.

Home grown ensures a level of freshness and flavor that doesn’t compare with anything you can purchase in a store. By creating quality food, we create intense flavors and textures that heighten your local culinary experiences unique to the Hill Country. Choose from a fantastic assortment of the finest artisan extracts, small batch cocktail jams, fresh churned butter and more. Each bite will remind you why we live in Texas.

riverWe love sharing what we make with you and especially getting constructive feedback as it is essential for our business. Our customers are integral to our success and not only will find our farm fresh, handcrafted foods here on the farm, but small town stores and HEB as well. Frio Farm creates slow food made the old fashioned way: with patience, care and authenticity by Texans for Texans. Come share the secret to our success.

"Frio Farm is good for the soul."

NanetteFrio FarmNanette Caran is an Artisan Farmer based along the Frio River in Concan, TX.
Frio Farm creates food made the old fashioned way — with patience, care and authenticity by Texans for Texans.
Come share the secret to our success.
"Frio Farm is good for the soul."