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Because Texans always need a refreshing way to cool off when the Frio River runs low, our Bitters were born. Creating recipes to take your craft cocktails to the next level, Bitters are an old fashioned tradition using only the finest local ingredients and premium spirits.

The history of adding Bitters to adult libations actually began centuries ago. They are heard about a lot in the liquid world, but many people aren’t exactly sure what they are. It’s worth your time to find out. Bitters can be the difference in whether your drink is a success or fails.

Bitters are flavorings for cocktails and many call them the salt and pepper to cocktails. You probably won’t notice if they’re in your cocktail, but you would if they're not.

Bitters don’t necessarily make a drink taste bitter, even though they might have bitter ingredients. Their flavors run the gamut from spicy to citrusy, herbal, floral and more. They are made to enhance and accentuate the other flavors in a drink by adding some extra zing.

The origin of Bitters dates back three centuries, well before the era of the cocktail when they were used as patent remedies and tonics. Formulated by doctors and pharmacists, bitters were taken for a variety of ills, most notably an upset stomach.

The problem with drinking just bitters is they didn’t taste very good. It was medicine and didn’t taste good. People started mixing bitters with other things to make them more palatable and it wasn’t long before alcohol was the primary mixer and thus the cocktail was born.

Bitters are essential components of the most classic and famous cocktails such as the Manhattan, Old Fashioned and the Sazerac.

How our Bitters are made.

Our secret formulas include a variety of herbs, fruits, spices and roots distilled with premium liquor for exceptional quality and taste. Our Handcrafted, Artisanal Bitters bring out new and exciting qualities to each and every cocktail. Feel free to experiment and make something unique and special.

We are committed to providing you with organic herbs grown here on the farm, aged a minimum of three months, coupled with premium spirits to create flavorful, heady aromas for super tasting cocktails. Explore our exquisite line of Handcrafted, Texas Bitters.

cocktail bitters
We take premium Whiskey and age for months with Vanilla Beans for richness, then age again in Oak Barrels for depth. The Peaches and Pecans are slow smoked using Mesquite wood to bring out the striking flavors of Texas. This is sure to add a spark to your cocktails.

cocktail bitters
Texas grown grapefruit and oranges from the Rio Grande Valley make the state proud, so why not try it in your next batch of craft cocktails? Citrus adds all the taste of South Texas we love and we gave you subtle hints of spices and herbs to make this a classic. Try this in your drinks that call for a bite of juice

cocktail bitters
One of our most popular favors, we started making Chocolate, Cinnamon, Chiles and spices first in hot chocolate, then pies and now in Cocktail Bitters. Sure it has a zing to it, but the heat is just right for those drinks that need a pick-me-up. Fiesta!

cocktail bitters
Yep, we took blueberries and added the kitchen sink to give you an added boost of flavor to your Rum, Gin or Vodka drinks. Don’t worry about adding too much, blueberries are good for you. The spices and herbs make for a delicious approach to kicking back and relaxing.

Sassy, bold and straight forward, Strawberries are added with pepper, ginger, cinnamon and spices for a subtle, yet sexy approach to make a Southern twist to your Margarita’s and anything that calls for fruit. A nice finish that goes with Sunday brunch at home or Friday night on the town.

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