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Frio Farm - Cocktail Jams

Each jar of handcrafted jam is made here on the farm using the freshest ingredients. Use them on your morning toast or you favorite craft cocktail for a blast of flavor.

Our passion for homemade jams and handcrafted cocktails was a marriage made in Texas Hill Country heaven.

About Our Jams

Frio Farm specializes in cocktail-themed jams made in Concan, Texas. Using small-batch, old-fashioned methods we started with signature flavors and added a Texas twist: premium liquor to create pure perfection.

A Texas two-step if there ever was, we make cocktail-themed preserves that are twangy, bold and fruity. Our goal is to use 100% organic fruit and we’re trying hard to achieve this. Here at Frio Farm we use sustainable food and farming practices to create jams that are “hold on to your boot straps” fresh. Not only great spread on your baked perfections, but even better in your cocktail!

This year we’ll be planting more fruit bushes to make our artisan jams really stand out in the crowd. We think you’ll agree after just one taste.

About Our Ingredients

Not only do we harvest berries here on the farm, but we also use local Hill Country produce. We hand pick blackberries and apples from Love Creek Orchard in Medina, Texas and use lush peaches grown in Fredericksburg, Texas.

This is a perfect cocktail creation made with plump blueberries, blueberry vodka and organic cinnamon. This healthy combination is exceptionally smooth and a dash of Frio Farm extract gives the flavor a stunning finish.

This French recipe calls for French Champagne combined with sweet blackberries and spices for a sophisticated approach to either eating or drinking in your favorite cocktail. Bon Appétit!

Yep, we couldn’t get enough of the French Champagne, so we took sweet strawberries and created another stellar flavor that is stunning. Who doesn’t like strawberries and champagne?

Strawberry-Vanilla Bean
Created with two exceptional flavors: Tahitian Vanilla Beans and strawberries. Perfect for the kids PB&J sandwiches, an ice cream topping or the finishing touch on your favorite morning bagel.

cocktail jams
What do you get when you add strawberries, mango, pineapple and papaya? Paradise! We add a little Champagne for a fuller flavor that is great on toast or better yet your tropical cocktails. Pass the sun tan oil…

cocktail jams
We use the same great French recipe that uses French Champagne, but we combine lush raspberries and spices for a sunny taste of southern France for a quick trip down memory lane.

cocktail jams
Organic peaches, organic spices and a dry, smooth champagne make this Hill Country treat a better way to use those Fredericksburg peaches. This flavor works well with Bourbon too so enjoy this in your cocktail mixology recipes.

cocktail jams
Peach-Vanilla Bean
A Texas Hill Country favorite. We use lush, golden peaches and smokey, Tahitian Vanilla Beans for a favorite pairing of flavors. Look for the vanilla bean inside every jar that adds additional flavor over time.

cocktail jams
We combine three berries: blackberry, raspberry and blueberry, then add a surprising shot of raspberry vodka and spices to create this one-of-a-kind jam. Try this in a smoothie, over a special dessert or your favorite cocktail.

cocktail jams

We take rich lush chocolate and add it too our favorite strawberries and champagne.  Yes, really.  What can I say other than it delicious.

Our newest flavor of Strawberry, Blackberry and Raspberry with Raspberry Vodka.  Whew!  The best part?  The berries are organic!

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Frio Farm creates food made the old fashioned way — with patience, care and authenticity by Texans for Texans.
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