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Frio Farms handcrafted artisan extracts are prized for their full, rich, complex flavor with an incredibly smooth aroma. It's truly a higher quality level than most brands carried at grocery stores.

Frio FarmAbout Our Ingredients

Our artisan, handcrafted Extracts are so much better than industrial made because we use quality ingredients.

Here's what makes our Extracts so special: each flavor is aged at least three months - sometimes years!, use Grade A Madagascar vanilla beans, lots & lots of beans for great flavor, premium alcohol and different type: whiskey, vodka, tequila and rum to create a stunning array of flavors.

Frio Farms award winning Extracts are prized for their full, rich, complex flavors with an incredibly smooth aroma. It's truly a higher quality than anything you have ever used. Trust us, it does make a difference.

How Our Extracts Are Made

We control the temperature, grade of vanilla beans, the number of vanilla beans, quality of alcohol, type of alcohol, length of extraction and temperature during extraction we create a stunning array of flavors.

Our extracts are aged for three months and only then are they ready to bottle. Even after bottling, the flavors continue to evolve. How many things only get better with time? Our artisan extracts produce the most wonderful flavor imaginable. Using superior grade vanilla beans and a cold extraction process, we don't use damage our extracts using heat or pressure, which ensures a rich, deep flavor and delicate bouquet. The end result is handcrafted, premium extract that is second to none.


Bourbon & Cane Sugar
This is the granddaddy of all extracts. A time honored recipe using superior bourbon to create a smooth, rich buttery flavor.

Artisan Extracts
Rum & Honey
Arguably the best extract to use for creating a subtle, classic tradition to all your favorite baking recipes. Sweet, subtle and so smooth.

Artisan Extracts
Tequila & Agave
The masterful blend of these two flavors is perfect for the special pairing with Mexican food, margaritas or even your most tried and true recipes.

Artisan Extracts
Chocolate Extract
Try this delicious treat made with the highest quality chocolate and premium Rum in your next recipe to turn good into great.

Artisan Extracts
Coconut Extract
This exotic flavor pairs well with anything made with fruit. It?s sweet enough for your morning coffee, an added flavor enhancer for a smoothie or your favorite cocktail.

Artisan Extracts
Caramel Extract
Using our own secret caramel recipe coupled with premium quality rum makes for one exceptionally crafted taste that is sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth.

Artisan Extracts
Banana Extract
We made this flavor as a great addition to our very own favorite banana cream pie recipe. This one deserves a standing ovation.

Artisan Extracts
Cinnamon Extract
One whiff of this seriously flavor packed extract will cause birds to sign, harps to play, well ? you get the point. Superb.

Artisan Extracts
Strawberry Extract
We?re not sure if you could count all the ways to use this serious, southern charmer, but the fun is in trying.

Artisan Extracts
Coffee Extract
For all you coffee lovers out there we created a coffee extract with a java jolt using Texas roasted coffee beans, premium Bourbon and a touch of honey for sweetness. What wouldn?t you want to put this in?

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