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Yes we're a little old fashioned, but our farm fresh churned butter is made in very small batches using cow cream. We don’t add any additives, colors or preservatives of any kind in our butter.

What we do add is our farm grown, fresh organic herbs to make something very special. This takes a lot of time, but we think it's worth it. We hope you agree.

About Our Butters

Rich, creamy and delicious, our herb butter is really a treat on steak, vegetables or fish. We use organic herbs grown here at Frio Farm to give our butter a fresh, fragrant taste.
Use our honey butter as a sweet addition to fresh bread, rolls and deserts. Our cheese butter is the perfect marriage of fresh churned butter and Parmesan cheese.

Our newest flavors of chocolate rum butter and cinnamon butter are a special treat. Find out what the taste of pure, old fashioned butter taste like today. If your local retailer doesn’t currently carry our line of farm fresh butters, request it!

Retail store interested in carrying our products or a chef/baker interested in our products? Email or call us and we’ll be in touch shortly.


Hand Churned Butters
Sweet Butter
If you have never had fresh churned butter, then you don’t know what you’re missing! We start with fresh cow’s milk cream and churn our butter without salt to keep it nice and sweet.

Hand Churned Butters
Honey Butter
Using Frio Farm honey and our sweet butter, we hand whip them together to bring out the subtle, sweet flavors of the Texas Hill Country. Exceptional.

Hand Churned Butters
Molasses Bourbon Butter
My brother’s favorite. There’s nothing like mixing dark, sweet molasses with sweet butter to bring out a caramel taste that is so good on fresh baked biscuits or your favorite baked treat.

Hand Churned Butters
Chocolate Rum Butter
We take premium, melted chocolate and add it to our sweet butter for an outstanding culinary treat. Not too sweet, but definitely special enough for anything that needs a dose of chocolate.

Hand Churned Butters
Cheese Butter
By taking Italian cheese made from extra-hard cow cheeses, coupled with our sweet butter makes for a wonderful flavor combination. Use it for homemade cheese bread that takes your cooking to another level.

Hand Churned Butters
Tequila Agave Butter
South of the Border fun using our award winning Tequila extract for robust flavor and Agave to make sure you get the full bloom of what agave can do to your savory dinners or what the lightest touch can do to sweeten your rolls. Viva Tequila!


Hand Churned Butters
Roasted Garlic
When you take fresh cut garlic heads, pour olive oil on top and bake in the oven you get a heavenly smell and taste beyond compare! Then we hand whip the garlic cloves into our sweet butter just for your favorite steak.

Hand Churned Butters
Lots of fresh chives add a simply stunning effect to our sweet butter. We love it when the chives heady aroma melts into our sweet butter and then is hand packed into a seriously stunning flavor profile.

Hand Churned Butters
Rosemary grows abundantly in the Texas Hill Country and is so easy to give your guests an exceptionally fragrant taste of home. This herb is said to improve memory and is great with barbeque.

Hand Churned Butters
Sweet Basil
Using Frio Farm fresh herbs makes our sweet butter better and this sweet basil is an Italian culinary experience that harkens back to a simpler time.

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