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Our pies are made with farm pastured eggs, hand-churned butter, artisan extracts, handcrafted chocolate liqueur, fresh made whipped cream, farm-made buttermilk and organic spices.

Salted Caramel Apple
We take Gala apples, butter, cinnamon and a touch of homemade caramel sauce then add some more when it comes out of the oven and pour more on top, with just a sprinkle of salt for an awesome salute to America.

Texas Size Apple
Texas Size Apple Pie is a Texas Hill Country tradition. We use sweet Gala apples (Honeycrisp when in season!), to make a stunningly succulent rendition of a classic, but don’t take our word for it. Give it a try.

Apple Pie Bread Pudding
I took my grandma Mae’s recipe and added apples for a special touch, then pour my homemade caramel rum sauce over the top. Mmmmm!!

banana cream caramel
Banana Cream Caramel
Cooked in a cast iron Dutch oven to make our special caramel sauce, we coat the crust and fill with banana cream, then topped with whip cream and another light dusting of caramel for a stunning result.

strawberry champagne
Strawberry & Champagne
Summer is here and when in Rome... Strawberries are adding to cane sugar, Champagne and our award winning Strawberry Extract for a seductive surprise and then pile on the fresh whip cream, topped with a strawberry. Need I say more?

Hand Crafted Pies
A seasonal favorite using organic blueberry’s, this is one not only taste great, but is sooo good for you. Topped with fresh whip cream.

Hand Crafted Pies
Southern Bourbon Pecan
This is my best selling pie. We use only butter and brown sugar for the richness and a few splashes of Jack. Alright, more than a few. Could it be all the Whiskey??? Order an additional shot of Whiskey is you dare.

Hand Crafted Pies
Coconut Cream
A succulent classic recipe taken to new heights. We use lots of farm fresh eggs, sweet coconut cream and lots of chopped coconut toasted on top fresh whip cream.  Our founder’s favorite.

Hand Crafted Pies
Margarita Key Lime
Some say the best pie we make, but you be the judge. Our secret ingredient is our farm fresh eggs and tequila, with sweet whip cream on top. Pucker up!

Hand Crafted Pies
Old Fashioned Buttermilk
Made-to-order using fresh churned butter to make our sweet, real deal buttermilk, we add just a hint of cinnamon to make this special pie a not so old fashioned treat. Life changing.

Hand Crafted Pies
Old Fashioned Chess
Simple is always better and here’s the proof. This recipe is as old as Texas and after all these years is still delicious. Just like Granny made it.

Hand Crafted Pies
Old Fashioned Chocolate Chess
This pie screams “made from scratch” and by adding melted chocolate gives this Southern favorite richness beyond compare.

Hand Crafted Pies
Blueberry Champagne
We took one of our favorite Frio Farm jams called Bliss and added fresh cream, cream cheese, plus a few organic spices to create a unique flavor only found here at the farm.

Hand Crafted Pies
Perfect Peach
Our perfectly classic Peach pie is made with peaches that pack a punch from our Whiskey Extract for a simply scrumptious filling. It’s delicious with a topping of whiskey whipped cream. Just because you can never have too much Bourbon.

Hand Crafted Pies
Another seasonal favorite, with succulent, tasty cherries for a summer time treat. A classic for sure.

Hand Crafted Pies
My Momma swears this is the best pie I make, but who knows? Her compliments are all yours to try. Of course fresh whip cream on top and a must have Thanksgiving table topper. Let us know if you want it decorated with Pecans!

Hand Crafted Pies
Chocolate Cream
Made in a cast iron Dutch oven with a pound of melted chocolate, Frio Farm Chocolate Extract and loads of whip cream topped with chocolate swirls. Outstanding.

Hand Crafted Pies
Southern Sweet Potato
A Texas favorite that continues your family tradition. Made using sweet potatoes, organic spices, buttermilk and topped with whip cream.

Hand Crafted Pies
Egg Nog
A southern recipe using my homemade egg nog with rum liqueur, topped with fresh whip cream.

Hand Crafted Pies
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Premium dark chocolate spiced with cinnamon, Chipotle and Ancho chili for tantalizing your taste buds, topped with homemade whipped cream and a chili pepper.

Hand Crafted Pies
Float the Frio
Only in Concan can you find this perfect pie made with fresh Vanilla Beans for lots of flavor, after the Rum Extract of course. Then we top it with fresh whip cream and a cookie. Can you say yes?

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