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Betty Koenig
Just purchased Frio Farm Rum Vanilla Extract! Yeah! Looking forward to using! We spoke with your son at the fence one day. We have our cabin for sale. Hope you are doing well.

Kristen E. Vincent
I’ve been out of town for the past week, so forgive my delay. But I just wanted to thank you SO much for the package you sent my mother! She was thrilled with the selection of jams and extracts you sent! Everyday she lets me know what flavor she has used. She is really enjoying them! You were more than generous in the number and selection of items you sent and I appreciate that. Again, I’m so sorry the first package didn’t make it and was a loss for you! You have such an incredible product that I hope you will consider setting up your website for more online sales! I would gladly make purchases for myself and future gifts! And one day, I’d love to visit your farm.

Chef Eric Guerra
Spicewood, TX
I have been a professional chef for 11+ years, and I'm constantly searching for the best products. After stumbling into Frio Farm Cinnamon Extract, my mission was complete. This is the ONLY Cinnamon Extract that will touch any goods at Amuse, and its flavor is incomparable!

Sarah R.
Converse, TX
By far the best pumpkin pie I've had all season! Moist and tasty, the whole family wanted more.

Teri K.
San Antonio, TX
I hadn't even planned to buy anything at the market this weekend but after tasting a sample I had to buy several for Thanksgiving, and there wasn't a crumb left!

John & Linda S.
Santa Fe, NM
Thanks for the pie... it was delicious!!

Betty F.
San Antonio, TX
I just would like to take the time out and say what a wonderful job you are doing. The pies are delicious, the jams are great, the extracts are wonderful and butter is extremely wonderful! If you have not tried any of her products you need to, they are G*R*E*A*T*

Erin H.
I bought two jars of your jam last month at the Quarry Farmers Market. I love it!! I am obsessed with swirling it in my yogurt as dessert or for breakfast. You have a new fan! No more mass produced jams for me.

We're still chipping away at your bread pudding we got at the market on Sunday. Yum!!! > You do a masterful job of balancing all the flavors, without over-sugaring, which is my main gripe of most desserts (that I don't make!) You and I share the belief that if you're using the best ingredients, why would you want to cover up all that wonderful flavor with too much sugar!

Luann T.
Thank you very much for allowing Alma and myself to be part of the group you hosted on Monday. It was a terrific day and we loved the tour and the tastings!

Nanette, Will you be selling pies for thanksgiving again? If so will you be doing an in town pick up? I've missed talking with you at the market. I saw your win with HEB - congratulations. Glad to see things are going well.

Congrats about HEB. I will contact you in November to see about birthday pie. Maybe the second weekend in November. How come you are no longer at the quarry? We miss you very much. Well, I would love to take classes, but I also would just love to help you in any way. Cleaning up, dishes, anything-I have always had just good vibes from you and your sons. My girls too. So I would just love to help you and hangout and learn from all of your knowledge even beyond pie's. Sorry if that sounds so odd but I hope you know and understand what I mean. I totally don't want to freak you out. Well enjoy it all. Blessings,

Congratulations on your recent award! I will be in San Antonio on 10/26 and looking forward to exploring the Quarry Farmers Market. I read an article that you no longer participate in the farmers market but your website says that you do. Please clarify and continued success to you and your business. Thanks

Patty Trussel
Nanette, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed spending time at your farm and meeting your family. I am a nature girl and love being anywhere there are trees, water and sunshine. I'm looking forward to demoing your extracts and developing some recipes. I was on the orange team that did the sweet potato flan. I just made a blueberry trifle with vanilla bean paste that we currently carry and it was a huge it.  I already have some great ideas for your product as well. Again, thank you for your hospitality and  I hope to bring my family up to see your place someday. Kindest Regards,

Jayne Cockroft
It was so good to see you & your family. Congrats on your wedding! I had a wonderful time! You are such a gracias hostess. I love being there & would love to rent a small house from you or a cabin really soon.  I was so proud to be a part of your adventure. I knew in my heart that you were a winner! god bless,

Dear Frio Farm Family, What a lovely surprise awaited all of us at the end of our early morning countryside ride from San Antonio to Concan, better yet to the Artisan 4xF or Farm to Fork Frio Farm.  Awesome surroundings and the most warm hearted hosts anyone could ever ask for. I wish to thank you for your hospitality making all of us feel like Farm Family.  The accommodations were superb, especially the one I was lucky to be in alongside the pool and lush greenery adjacent to the dining room table doors.  Strolling on your property all the way to the river was a special treat as was the ride to explore the surroundings only surpassed by sightings of a roadrunner, oodles and oodles of deer, a live armadillo, and Woody the Woodpecker.  Decorating the backyard, lighting blissful candles, and burning logs for us to enjoy after dinner was awesome; never disturbed the chicken or my 2 besties, the family goats. And then there was our Tuesday morning to shine using Ms. Nanette's winning extracts!  Brain storming by all teams, trial and error cooking/baking eventually resulted in "winning entries" and we are hopeful you enjoyed/liked each and every one. Our Germany, Porsche, Mercedes, etc. conversation deserves continuation as soon as you are back from your well deserved Paris vacation, or after you have settled back into your daily routine.  Congratulations on your nuptials wishing both of you an exciting and happy life together. My very dearest regards,

Nanette, just got the replacement. All arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much for the jams. I can't wait to try them. Blessing,

Kathy Krnavek
Just heard about your win at HEB. I'm so happy for you. Hope to be back in Concan soon and would love to visit with you again. Sincerely,

What a fabulous article in the paper and congrats on your award and well deserved successes!! I've missed coming to the quarry market and hope to get there tomorrow to buy a pie! All the best and congratulations!

Congratulations on your Win!

Great job! Thanks,

Nancy Antle
Congratulations on winning this contest!! Was there a particular extract that was the winner or was it your whole range of extracts?

Matt W 
Nanette, I was so very excited for you and your boys last week, and if you missed it during the chaos of the celebration, then let me take this time to personally congratulation you once again.

David Aitkens
Yeahhhh!!!!! Never had any doubt. Congratulations!! So what now?

Laura, USTA
Hi Nanette, We absolutely loved your jam! I meant to email you last Friday. It arrived safe and sound and was a wonderful treat. We are so glad to be able to share it with our guests. We need to get the idea of calling it “Remember” approved with our boss, but I think that will work out. I will confirm with you asap. Thank you again!

Yes I saw that you won the HEB contest and that is how I heard about y'all! Congratulations! I have grown up going to Leakey and will be there next weekend. We will come in and get some pies :)

Nanette, Sandie called me and excitedly told me the news. That is truly a rare and wonderful accomplishment, made all the more wonderful with how hard you've worked. We've all watched in wonder and excitement as you and Bobby worked hard to fulfill your dreams. Truly a rare life opportunity to reach a long sought-after goal. The food that I've tried and experienced that you've made has been fantastic, people are going to be truly lucky to buy your products. Every luck to the both of you, looking forward to seeing you soon.

Donna Collins
Dear Nanette, We were so so happy and honored to meet y'all at Quest for the Best! Y'all were the highlight of our trip. I know you must just be reeling and so excited. You so deserved to win. You had the most wonderful product, website photographs and story ever! May all your moments be delicious!

Doug Van Pelt GOTEXAN
Hi Nanette, Congratulations on your big win!? So excited for you.I’m sure you’re busy and flooded with interview requests. I have written a little story for our next e-publication and would love to get a quote from you. Anything that expresses your feelings regarding the contest, etc., would be perfect. Cheers,

Tad Lanni
Hello and good morning, My family and I are visiting the area for a weekend getaway this Fri-Sun. We were wondering if you do any tours of the farm or anything like that? We recently seen you won the HEB's Primo Picks contest, and we want to try some of your products. Let us know when you get a chance. Thank you, and congrats on winning the contest.

Mari Ann
Hi Nanette, Just want to drop you a note and say “congratulations”!  It was great meeting your (briefly) on our way into the dinner last night. Would have loved to have had more time to chat since I can see we both have a love of nature and artisan foods in common. Next time we come over your direction, we’d love to stop by your farm and checkout what all you’ve got. I look forward to seeing your extracts in our local HEB!!  Good job, 

Phyllis Varnon
This is great. 

Hey Nanette, I don’t know if you remember me but my girlfriend and I visited with you last weekend for a while. I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome pies and conversation. Its so very refreshing to see someone work so hard and pour so much passion into what they do. We have enjoyed every single bite of the pies we got from you and your son! I\'ve also passed along your information to ALL of my coworkers and even was gracious enough to share some of the Mexican Hot Chocolate , sorry if I got the name wrong, with my bosses and i have to thank you for the brownie points earned or should I say pie points! Thanks again and good luck with HEB! All The Best

Antonia and Hubby
Hi, You got us addicted at the quarry market and now you are not there ( tears). How would one go about getting a pie in San Antonio. Thank you

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